As One

LANDO GRIFF1N » 8pm - Jan 23, 2008
A Spartan gets juked and pays the price alongside his soul mate. Songs include Krayzie Bone -"Murda Mo" and The Red Hot Chili Peppers -"Hard To Concentrate This is not a montage, just something I worked on as I was...


#1 spawn 2007-11-04 07:12
As one is sooo funny dude.
for the "count to three skull" i cant get it i did every thing you did both of the wraiths where alive and when i went to where the skull was it wasn't there. help better with the instructions
#2 Rock Strongo 2007-11-04 09:33
I was wondering where that was going. Awesome! Im glad I'm not one of those 2 guys
#3 RUSSEL CROWE 2007-11-08 09:37
wow buddy! someone should start paying you to breathe.... nice work
#4 The Real Doja Soja 2007-11-08 09:49
i just showed my brother and his friends this video, i told them i made it, they think im the coolest person in the world! thank you Brian.
#5 stuckinGB 2008-11-19 21:31
wow there was not enough gameplay footage and you tried to many effects LOL but ya nice funny vid.
#6 RAMAPOCS04 2008-12-29 04:45
i guess those guys luv 2 hump each other

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