Reach Beta

IronAlan » 3am - Jun 8, 2010
Hi there, this is my second Halo vid from the Halo Reach Beta! Includes some assassinations from IGN and the rolling elite death is from ScoutedSoldier. Enjoy :) (song is My name is lincoln, from The Island...


#1 Chaos 2010-06-08 23:14
duuudeee!! nicely done! the only word that come to mind is beautiful!! great cam work, defiantly takes advantage of HD and flows soooo well!! awesome work man!! great song, good clips, good editor. thats what its all about!! rock on man!
#2 H3M Trauma 2010-06-08 23:40
ALAN IS BACK BOYS. You are easily the best scenic/cinemati c montage maker out there. The shots are so stunning and you always seem to find a perfect song to suit the mood. Not to over powering but yet godly and graceful. Please keep making more of these, it gives gamers a view of the game that they really take for granted in some games where the scenery is spent alot of time on. Great job bro 5/5 If there was ANYTHING i would critique it wouldnt even be criticizing. more of a personal preference of ME. If you made some of the shots a lil more vibrant or what not. like change up the colors just slightly to make them more bold and beautiful. :-) Teddy out.
#3 IronAlan 2010-06-11 11:03
Wow! thank you very much. Glad you like my videos! I updated the topic with the description of my video and the youtube page. I

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